8 Teas, 2 Boxes, 1 Year

Updated: May 9, 2019

Want to join these subscriptions? Click here for Sips by, and here for Simple Loose Leaf, and receive discounts off of your first boxes!

For those of you who know me, I love tea! I loved it iced, hot, sweet, and often. I drink at least two cups a day, and I love to explore new varieties and flavors. So, as a Christmas gift to myself, I started 2 tea subscriptions. I wanted to expand my tea range, and I thought these 2 boxes would help.

While looking for a Christmas gift for my mom, I started looking up coffee subscription boxes. She can't survive without her morning cup, and my sister and I wanted to get her a gift that she could actually use. We got her a 6-month subscription from Atlas Coffee Club. They allow you to choose between the size of bag, the frequency with which you receive the bags, your roast preference, and whether or not you want ground or whole beans. They are one the few coffee subscriptions we could find with this feature. Most only offer whole beans. Their subscriptions start as low as $9/month, and they offer a different type of coffee from a different country every month. For my mom's first month, she received their Peruvian coffee. The coffee tasted great (considering I don't drink coffee) and their customer service is amazing. Plus, they come in beautifully, colorful bags! Would 10/10 recommend if you want to try new coffees.

Back to tea. The first box I signed up for was Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company. They only sell loose leaf teas, but they have a huge variety. For $9/month, each box comes with 4 different teas in resealable pouches, 4 reusable tea bags, and a card describing each tea. Each pouch has about 10 grams of tea, so enough to brew about 5 cups/pouch (20 cups/month). Each pouch comes with the country of origin, the caffeine level, and brewing instructions including temperature, time, and amount per 8 oz. cup. Note: the bag furthest to the right is the one I've used a few times. The darker teas tend to dye the bags.

The 2nd box I signed up for is Sips By™. I saw them on Instagram and thought I would try it out. Sips By personalizes each box by asking you to take a Tea Quiz. Some of the questions ask if you prefer bagged or loose teas, the flavor profile you like, the caffeine level, etc. For $15/month, each box comes with 4 different teas (either loose or bagged), 10 disposable tea bags and 1 reusable one, and a card describing the teas and brewing instructions. Each box comes with enough tea to brew about 15+ cups/month (maybe more if you re-steep the teas).

One thing I love about both of these brands is that you can buy the ones you like. Atlas Coffee Club does not allow you to buy their coffee outside of a subscription. But both Simple Loose Leaf and Sips By allow you to buy more of the ones you like.

Simple Loose Leaf only sells their brand of tea, whereas Sips By sells a bunch of different brands. On their website, you can review the teas in each box, leave feedback, and learn more about each individual brand. They also have member exclusive discounts with the different brands they sell. Simple Loose Leaf also allows you leave reviews on their teas. I'm super excited to see what I get my first month! Stay tuned for reviews of each box!

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