Giorno dia Viaggio (Travel Day) Part 3 🚌

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

First course! I ate the other 2 courses before I could get a picture lol.

I am tired, but happy to say that I am writing this from my lovely, cozy hotel room at Hotel Giò in Perugia! Once I finished my lovely slice of roman pizza, the charted bus was stuffed with me and several of my peers' large suitcases, and we began our 2 and half hour trip north to Perugia. I was able to enjoy some of beautiful scenery on our drive, but I also knocked out for most of it. The seats on the bus were more comfortable than the plane, and your girl was tired. We arrived at the hotel, and were given a LARGE packet filled with everything from our class schedules, to do's and dont's of Italy. My travel day finally ended with my first true Italian meal at our hotel with all of the students in my program, and I am very happy to get to bed. Tomorrow: move-in day. Until then, buona notte.

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