Il Quattordicesima Settimana e Fine Settimana

Ciao a tutti! My time in Italy is coming to an end, and I'm not ready to go home yet! I also apologize for the lack of pictures, I'm getting a little lazy lol!

Monday I had a presentation due that I didn't touch or think about over my weekend in Naples. Luckily, my other two group members were also on the trip, so no one worked on it until Monday right before class. We got an A, so clearly procrastination isn't always a bad thing!

Tuesday was stressful as I had an assignment due for my Business of Wine and Olive Oil class. My professor is nice, but he doesn't listen or explain things at all, so Tuesday was a lot of scrambling trying to figure out what was due and what wasn't. We figured it out, but it was a struggle. I went to Pizza Mediterranea for the first time, and it was probably one of my favorite pizzas in Perugia!

Wednesday during class, we took a short field trip to Gambrinus, the best gelateria in Perugia! We got to try two flavors, and it was a great way to start my day. Wednesday evening was fun, as my roommate performed at open mic night at Pinturicchio's. She did a great job and it was fun to actually go out during the week for once!

Thursday was our Italian oral exam. The process of taking the exam was a little weird, but I think I did pretty well. Thursday night we had another fam din, this time at Al Mangiar Bene. I finally got a plate of pasta alla Norcina, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Friday we took our final field trip of the semester! We drove to Panzano In Chianti to visit Dario Cecchini, a whole animal butcher. He's a celebrity thats to his Chef's Table episode, so it was really cool to go to his butcher shop and eat lunch in one of his three restaurants. Before lunch though, we took a hike through the Chianti vineyards and olive groves, and stopped to see some Chianina cows. It was a beautiful day that ended in a hearty, meat filled lunch.

Saturday and Sunday my dad was in town! Saturday we hoped around to a few of the towns around Perugia, including Assisi, Spoleto, and Santa Maria degli Angeli. He rented a car so we were able to go wherever we wanted. Apparently he ran two red lights, so we got pulled over by the police lol. Luckily they realized he was American and we they let us go! It was nice for him to visit because it made these last few weeks a little easier with a little taste of home!

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