L'ultima Settimana e Fine Settimana

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Ciao a tutti!! My last week in Italy was full of goodbyes, see-you-laters, and bittersweet endings. I was sad to say goodbye to my friends that I made, but also excited to go home to see my family that I missed. I was sad to leave Italy, but excited to see how my time there was going to affect my summer and last year of college.

Monday was Easter Monday so no classes! I "studied" for my finals--and by study I mean I walked around the Easter Market and found bomboloni and arancini.

Tuesday I had my final for my Sustainability class, then Tuesday night the Food Studies students hosted a potluck at one of my friend's apartment. We drank from a 5 liter bottle of wine, laughed, and said our goodbyes. The food was really good, considering most of them claim to not be able to cook!

Wednesday was another final-free day, but we had the Community EngageGAMES at Umbra. All of the classes that had a community engagement component to it had to present on their community engagement activity. I was chosen--with 4 other of my classmates--to present at the games. We presented on our time at the Gruppo Famiglia Taralla, a group that has a synergistic garden. "Cooperativa Nuova Dimensione operates Gruppo Famiglia Taralla, a residency for individuals with mental health challenges where horticulture therapy is used as a technique to enhance their quality of life and generate positive emotions and social interactions"--my syllabus. After we presented on the garden, we had an activity where the participates had to build their own garden, following certain rules. It was fun to recap our time at the garden, and not have to write the reflection paper like the rest of the class!

Thursday was full of my Wine and Olive Oil final, as well as my last all-you-can-eat-sushi adventure. I am proud to say I visited all of the AYCE sushi places near the center of Perugia, and I didn't get sick of it!

Friday was spent cramming for my last final, then being free! Umbra hosted a Farewell Aperitivo where we all said our final goodbyes to friends and professors. It was bittersweet, but also nice to be done with classes and academics for a while! After the aperitivo, my friends and I went for one last gelato on the steps, then went back to our apartments to finish packing before our 1 AM bus to Rome. We showered, but did not sleep, knowing there was a 3 hour bus ride for us to sleep on.

Saturday was spent flying back to the US! Once we arrived at the airport at 3 AM, we filed in and sat down for a long time. I realized around 6 AM that my flight was on a different terminal, so I packed up my stuff, said my true final goodbyes, and walked to the other terminal. I got through the security quickly, only to have to wait in line forever for passport check. I met up with a friend, and we sat at a cafe until the gate for my flight was announced. I walked to the gate, boarded the plane, and once again had the row to myself! I had my last true Italian pasta, then landed in NYC around 1:30 PM. Thanks to some advice from my mom, I got through customs quickly, collected my bags, then checked them again for my flight to ATL. I found a Wendy's, had my first bite of American food, then proceeded to have tp change gates 3 times before my flight took off. I finally landed at home around 9 PM, found my mom, then went home. I missed being in my own bed and having a large kitchen!

This experience was one I will truly never forget, and I can say with all honesty that I truly lived la vita piena! Thank you to everyone who made this journey possible, and to those who followed me along the way!

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