L'Undicesima Settimana e Il Fine Settimana

Ciao ragazzi! This week it really hit that I only have 5 weeks left!!! I still have so many restaurants to go to and things to see in Perugia! But this week, I was able to cross some of those places off my list.

Monday I took a class trip to my favorite sandwich shop, La Bottega. We talked with one of the owners and learned about the history of the restaurant. And we of course had a tasting! Monday night I had a cheese workshop, where we added to our cheese knowledge and made fresh mozzarella!

Tuesday was my 21st birthday! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love ❤️. My friends and I went to Ristorante Il Giurista, a cute restaurant right next to my apartment that I have been meaning to go all semester!

Wednesday night was spent at the Umbra School Musical Karaoke Competition. Every Italian class had to pick a song to perform in front of a panel of judges. My class won 2nd place--we should've won 1st in my opinion. It was great fun to learn some Italian songs that will be stuck in my head forever! I'll add the video when it comes out, but for now, here are the Italian professors singing their song!

Friday was spent on a field trip at the Marfuga Olive Oil Mill. We got to see the mill--which was unfortunately not producing oil as they harvest in October--and we had a light lunch. I brought back 6 bottles of olive oil that I can't wait to use and share with friends and family. For dinner, my friends and I attempted to make Orecchiette con La Verza. We got the sauce right, the handmade pasta wasn't our best, but we finished the entire pan!

Saturday was spent at another cooking at the Malvarina Agriturismo. We made a LOT of food, including handmade pizzas, strapponi, and pears with peach marmalade wrapped in puff pastry! It was a very fun day, and the weather was beautiful! All of us were sitting outside sunbathing whenever there was the chance. Saturday, my friends and I went out with a friend who is leaving to return home to the Netherlands on Thursday. We took her out for drinks on her last weekend to Elfo Pub and Marla.

Sunday was spent with me getting locked out of my apartment because I forgot my key, procrastinating on my homework, FaceTiming my grandma on her 89th birthday, and having Sapore Greco for dinner again. I need this semester to slow down because I'm not ready to go home!

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