La Quinta Settimana e Fine Settimana

Ciao ragazzi! This week, like last week, was pretty slow. No field trips or workshops this week, but next week certainly makes up for it: I have 2 workshops during the week, and 2 field trips over the weekend! This week, I had an olive oil tasting in class. I learned that drinking olive oil straight is not super pleasant, but the second you drip some bread in it, it becomes the most amazing thing ever! Both of my roommate were out of town this weekend, which meant I got the whole apartment to myself! It was nice, but everytime I heard a moise I got a little freaked out. I lived off of pasta with olive oil, salt, pepper, and cheese since I was too lazy most nights to cook more than that. And since we were around Perugia, my friend and I decided to get some sushi. We were both getting a little homesick for food variety, so we went to Crudo. It was really good, considering I had no expectations for Italian sushi. Other than that, this week and weekend were chill. Tune in next week to see more of La Vita Piena! Buoasera!

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