La Sesta Settimana e Fine Settimana

Ciao tutti! This week was long and busy, but also extremely fun and warm!!! I'm excited for the sunny weather and warmer temperatures. Monday, I had another olive oil tasting, this time for my History and Culture of Food in Italy class. Again, not a fan of straight up drinking olive oil, but the bread at the end always makes it worth it.

Tuesday night I made Brunswick stew for the first time! For my Anthropology of Food class, we had to write a food heritage paper, interviewing a family member and asking them to describe a meaningful recipe, then we had to make and present that recipe to the class. My mom chose her dad's Brunswick stew. It was interesting to try to make a Southern American dish in Italy, but it turned out to be one of the class favorites!

Wednesday was a normal day, but on Thursday we ventured to Orto Sole, a community garden in Perugia that focuses on building a community and beautifying the city. They took what was once a trash dump and turned it into a beautiful green oasis 5 minutes from the city center. They host parties and they are completely run by volunteers and donations. We went for my Sustainably and Food Production in Italy class, as we are studying urban agriculture. Thursday night was Fam Din part 2, and this time we made 4 different kinds of white pizza! The pear, caramelized onions, prosciutto, and arugula one was my favorite!

Friday was Truffle Hunting Day!!! We ventured to Città di Castello to visit the Truffle School. We hunted for white truffles with the owner, his father, and his father's dog. We learned what truffles are, how to cultivate them, find them, preserve them, and mostly importantly, eat them. The farm was up the side of mountain, with lots of tight turns. Shout out to our bus driver's amazing driving skills! Once we got back to Perugia, I had yet another sushi night, this time all you can eat for 22€.

Saturday was another field trip, this time to Assisi for a cooking class at the Agriturismo Alla Madonna del Piatto. The class took place at the amazing woman's country house, and she had a terrace that looked over the mountains of Assisi. The house is also a bed and breakfast, with 6 rooms and my dream kitchen. Our host was so sweet, and I couldn't help but see myself 50 years in the future living the same dream! I got a copy of her cookbook, and I can't wait to cook from it! In class we made a winter pumpkin soup, lentils with sausage and rainbow chard, salt roasted potatoes, and chestnut jam mousse for desert.

Sunday, we went to have brunch at Pinturicchio's, an American cafe and bar. I didn't realize how much I missed bacon and pancakes until today! Next week will be filled with even more food and adventures, and one week closer to Spring Break!

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