La Terza Settimana

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

My third week in Perugia meant the beginning of all of my amazing workshops and field trips! This week, I had a coffee workshop, and I had my first Anthropology of Food dinner. In my coffee workshop, I learned how to grow, roast, grind, and brew coffee from a local coffee shop owner, Luca. We drank lots of coffee at 6:45 PM and we had some amazing handmade pastries! To see the video from my workshop, check out my Facebook page!

For my Anthropology of Food class, we are investigating "how food is used to construct and maintain of cultural heritage". In order to answer this question, we are conducting ethnographic field research at various restaurants in Perugia. On Thursday, we ventured to Dal Mi' Cocco where we took ethnographic field-notes while eating some amazing traditional Umbrian foods. The menu is the same everyday, with the exception that the pasta changes daily. Make sure to subscribe to follow me as I live La Vita Piena!

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