La Tredicesima Settimana e Fine Settimana

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Ciao ragazzi! Sorry for the super late post, but the end of the semester is looming and assignments are stacking up.

Monday was spent catching up on all of my assignments I neglected over the weekend, but Monday evening was spent at Elfo's Pub for a beer workshop. We had a flight of 4 beers with snacks. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but these were pretty good, and made me realize there is more to beer than Keystone Lite.

Tuesday morning was spent at Gruppo Famiglia Taralla, a local syngertistic garden that is also "a residency for individuals with mental health challenges where horticulture therapy is used as a technique to enhance their quality of life and generate positive emotions and social interactions", which is operated by Cooperativa Nuova Dimensione. We planted some vegetables in cartons that will be planted by other groups throughout the rest of spring. It was relaxing and fun to work with my a little and to get some fresh air.

Wednesday night I went back to Osteria a Priori because my friend is trying to go to a lot of restaurants before we leave. It's still good after the 4th time! Thursday we had a guest lecturer, Fattoria Calcabrina, a biodynamic winery and goat cheese producer from Montefalco. The owner told us about his operations, and we got to taste some his famous cheese and red wine.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent in the Bay of Naples, Capri, and Ischia! Friday we departed Perugia at 6 AM for Naples. When we arrives around 11 AM, we took a guided tour of Pompeii. It was nice to go again and see new things I never saw when I visited over Spring Break, like the brothel. We had lunch in Pompei, then boarded the bus and took a very bumpy ferry to Ischia. We checked into our hotel, then my friends and I went for aperitivo before we met up for dinner. The dinner was long and slow, and when we returned to the hotel, there was no cold water. The shower water was boiling my skin off, so I showered quickly then went to bed after a long day.

Saturday we left Ischia and spent the whole day in Capri! We were got off the ferry, were told to meet back at the dock at 4 PM, and set free on the beautiful island. My friends and I decided to take the cable car up to the top of the island were the old city center is. We walked to the botanical gardens and got some breathtaking views of the cliffs of the island. We stayed up there until we had to go back to ferry, but stopped and sat on the beach for a few minutes. We boarded our ferry back to Ischia, and everyone took showers since the cold water was back on. My roommate for the trip took a shower, and the bathroom flooded. We called the front desk, and they assured us that someone would be by to fix it while we were at dinner. We had a much quicker dinner, then I went to get drinks with some other classmates afterwards. I didn't trust my shower, so I used my friend's then went to bed.

Sunday we left Ischia for the last time and took the ferry back to Naples. We took a walking tour of Naples, which we interesting but difficult for two reasons: 1) we were all extremely tired, and 2) the tour guide wasn't very loud and stopped randomly in the middle of the street. We would suddenly run into each other and then get yelled at by other people on the street. After the two hour tour, we stopped for lunch and had a few hours to walk around the city. We regrouped then headed towards the bus back to Perugia. I was bone tired when I got back--hence one of the reasons this post is hella late--and promptly went to bed.

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