Primo Fine Settimana (1st Weekend)

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Proud to say I survived my first weekend in Perugia! It was a LONG weekend full of new faces, places, and customs. It feels like I've been here FOREVER and I've loved every second of it!

I'm meeting so many new people--and then shortly forgetting theirs names--from so many different schools and states in the US. I haven't met any other Southerners, but I was truly shocked by the numbers of POC in my program!

I've walked around a bit, trying to get my bearings, which is difficult in a city full of so many vias and piazzas that don't follow any sort of order. they wind and have large hills and seem to go one forever. I can proudly say I can get to the grocery store, my apartment, the home-goods store, and my classrooms without Google maps!

In terms of customs, I've learned so many in these two short days:

  1. Italians have no concept of personal space, they don't care about cars trying to drive down the road, and they have no problem pushing past without a word.

  2. The recycling in Perugia is super confusing and I'm probably going to get fined at some point for doing it wrong.

  3. Italians are very energy conscious, and they don't have heat at night, nor can you have the oven and washer machine going at the same time.

This coming week is Italian Intensive week. We have 4 straight days of intensive Italian with 2 lecture sections, and a section at the end of day called "Survival Italian". I don't know what that means, but subscribe and become a site member to find out! Check out my Facebook page to see some more photos and videos of my trip!

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