Terzo Fina Settimana: Roma

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

This weekend, my friends and I spent Friday and Saturday a Roma! Friday started early with a 2 hour bus trip that left at 7:35 AM! We spent the day wondering around, and visisted the Villa Borghese, where we found the best view of Rome. Then ventured to the Spanish steps and recreated that scene from Roman Holiday (p.s. I've never seen the movie but my friends told me there was an importnat scene from it on the steps). We found the Trevi Fountain and made a wish, visited the Pantheon, and made to the Colosseum by Golden Hour. We walked a lot, but ended the day with in the Jewish-Roman ghetto with fried artichokes at Il Giardino Romano. Step count: 27,939 steps 10.9 miles.

Saturday was spent at the Vatican! We made the 40 minute walk from our Airbnb, and walked along the Tiber river. We walked past the Roman Supreme Court and the Castel Sant'Angelo. We didn't go inside because that costs money and the line was wrapped around Saint Peter's Square by the time we got there. We did go into the free meusem and look at some Russian art though. We had hella time to kill afterwards, so we ventured to various parts of Rome. We went to both of Gabriele Bonci's resturants, Pizzarium Bonci and Panificio Bonci. We went to a cafe for some liquid energy, then took the subway back to our Airbnb, only to continue to walk around. We stumbled upon Villa Maraini, then ended the trip at That's Amore before heading to the bus station. We got back in Perugia around 11 PM, then all went to bed and slept in today for the first time since we've been here! For more photos and videos from my time in Rome, check out my Facebook page! Step count: 28,729 steps and 11.21 miles.

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