The Book That Started It All

I've always loved food, and in high school I discovered that I loved chemistry. When it came time to apply for college and pick a career path, I Googled food + chemistry. I looked over the job descriptions that came up, and realized that I had found everything I wanted in a career. I continued to do research into the field, and when it became time to make a decision for where I wanted to go to college, I decided Davidson would give me the tools and knowledge to eventually have my ideal career in Food Science.

One day my mom sent me an NPR article, which focused on J. Kenji López-Alt, the author of The Food Lab, which you can order here. I loved the article and the book. I told one of her friends about the book, and he was sweet enough to buy me a copy! The book sparked my interest in books on the subject of Food Science, but more importantly, how to teach these ideas to others. I became fascinated by how to simplify some of these concepts, and how we use them everyday without even knowing it. The Food Lab started me on the path of teaching these facts to others. In my pursuit to further my Food Science knowledge and how to teach it to others, I have found different books, some focused on Food Science--like Culinary Reactions: The Everyday Chemistry of Cooking-- and others focused on different foods--The Book of Coffee and Tea.

Using Culinary Reactions as my starting point, I started posting Daily Food Science Facts on my Snapchat story. My peers enjoyed them more than I expected, and the pressure to post every night--while still getting my homework done on time--became a lot to do. So, I decided to create this blog. I knew would be able to reach more people than with Snapchat, and not feel the same level of pressure to post a fact everyday. And this is where we will begin our Food Science Fact journey.

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